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A personal passion project is what created bodhi by anthony monetti (BBAM)

Owners Anthony and Karen Monetti have been involved in personal training, nutrition, and coaching since 1999. In 2008, Anthony made his passion for health and wellness a full-time job, and Karen began coaching his clients on nutrition and meal planning, even taking it upon herself to cook fresh meals for clients 2-3 times a week. 

In 2010, they opened bodhi, a full-service body transformation members club with private training, nutrition coaching, and member accountability. BODHI is a personal passion project because health and wellness are a lifestyle for Anthony and Karen. Karen is a Natural Ms. World Figure Champion and Ms. Universe Figure Champion, and Anthony is a 2-time Natural Mr. Universe Runner-Up. 

The bodhi program provides members a trifecta of health and wellness with nutrition + fitness training + accountability. bodhi is a customizable personalized program based on science and focused on education. Because it’s not just what to eat or how to work out, it’s the why behind it.

At bodhi, we believe that everyone can have a healthy and fulfilling life, balancing mind, body, and spirit. Our dedicated team provides a community that inspires, challenges, pushes, and supports our members to achieve their best quality of life.




Our Values

Discipline: Be on time, listen, smile, maintain the cleanliness of the workplace, work out at a level that will inspire our members, and live the standards defined in the BODHI handbook.

Structure: Implement the BODHI systems, including SALES, BODHI Basics, PHAT, and ADAPT

Integrity: Respect ourselves as well as our members. Communicate with 100% honesty. Always do the right thing.


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